reBlossom offers a unique rental service of baby equipment and gear. 

All of our equipment can be bought outright. But, if for some reason you want to try a piece of equipment before investing in it, or if you know you’ll only need something for a short time frame (out-of town guests visiting, travel, etc.) then you may also rent an item for a week or month.


1) Trial:  How do I know if my baby will like a certain piece of equipment, such as a swing, Ergo Carrier, or Jumperoo? Rent an item for a week and if it’s a hit, purchase it for the remainder of the sale price!
2) Travel: Are you traveling by plane/car and need a few items to save space and weight?  Rent a travel stroller! Are you flying with your child’s convertible car seat? Rent a Go-Go Babyz Travelmate to get through the airport with ease!
3) Out-of-Towners: Do you have friends/family visiting and would like a pack-n-play or highchair for their stay?
4) Recreation: Do you want to hike or bike with baby?  We have backpack carriers and a bike seat available for rent.
5) Turn-Over: Is baby growing sooooo fast that you don’t know how long they’ll use something?  Or, do you have a small home and might not want all the clutter that can come with baby? Rent and return for peace of mind 🙂 



*The list below is a list of rentable items at the shop, however we may not have everything on this list at all times. Please call (706) 549-8900 or email to inquire about availability and to make a reservation.

*All items are $10/ week or $30/ month to rent*


Baby Gate

Baby Monitor

Backpack Carrier (Kelty)


Bath Tub

Bed Rail

Bicycle Seat

Boppy Pillow

Bouncy Seat

Brestfriend Pillow

Bumbo Seat w/ Tray

Convertible Car Seat


Cradle Swing

Double Jogging Stroller

Double Umbrella Stroller


Feeding Chair

Front Baby Carrier (Bjorn)

Go Go Kidz Travelmate

High Chair

Infant Car Seat & Base

Jogging Stroller


Large Swing

Large Toys

Pack n’ Play

Play Gym

Potty or Potty Seat

Regular Stroller

Small Swing

Snap n’ Go Stroller

Super Pack n’ Play

Travel System


Tummy Time Mat

Umbrella Stroller

Video Baby Monitor

Walking Push Toy

Contact us with any questions or to reserve an item to rent:    220 N. Milledge Ave. Athens, Ga.        (706) 549-8900