Create a Baby Registry at reBlossom

Are you having a baby shower, but don’t want to register with a national chain and buy all new stuff when you can be green, buy local and save your family and friends a lot of money?

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Here’s how our baby registry works:

1. Schedule an appointment to come in to reBlossom and fill a basket with ANY items you want from the shop. (We are thrilled to assist you with this process if you are not sure what you really need!)
2. Items that do not fit (swings & things) can be written down on a piece of paper kept in the basket.
3. Your friends & family* will have 2 weeks to shop for your items in the basket, and after that time period they will go back on the racks.
4. If there are leftover registry items, come shop on the last day & get 10% off your entire purchase!

*If you would like, we can take pictures of your registry basket and create a blog post for you so that out-of-town friends and family can go online, see what you’ve chosen and purchase gifts over the phone! 

Contact us with any questions or to make an appointment:      220 N. Milledge Ave. Athens, Ga.        (706) 549-8900